Monday, March 3, 2008

In like a lion!

The first day of March came in with a traditional roar at Mosswood Gardens. Nevertheless, we were open for business, to the delight of one of our most loyal customers, who was searching for a unique gift. In addition to the lovely books of photography that she found, she also treated herself to a whimsical hand-beaded dragonfly necklace.

At market, our customized dish gardens, pairing unusual found and re-purposed containers with assorted cacti, succulents, and tropical foliage (along with the occasional miniature rabbit, frog, or hedgehog!) were a success as usual, and we look forward to increasing the exposure of our gardens in the coming seasons.

With spring on the horizon, seeding continues at a furious pace. This year we started such fast-growing crops as basil (as well as other herbs) unusually early. While they will be ready to harvest before the danger of frost is safely past, we intend to offer potted herbs at early markets for those who simply can't wait to begin to enjoy fresh green sprigs that herald the arrival of summer bounty. These herbs may be safely kept in a sunny kitchen window for the time-being as a reminder of warmer days to come.

After Memorial Day (at the latest, in most areas), your potted herbs may transplanted outdoors, assuming they have not been razed by then by an over-enthusiastic chef like myself. If that is indeed the case, our customers are in luck, as we will be re-seeding many of our herbs in regular two-week intervals throughout the early part of the growing season. Whether purchased once or repeatedly, our potted herbs are in inexpensive indulgence with a return that is a bargain at any price.

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