Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Growth at Mosswood Gardens

Despite the unexpected snow that is still falling, Mosswood Gardens is bursting with new growth. Greenhouses #1 and #2 filled to the brim with choice perennials, herbs, and a luscious assortment of annuals that are already beginning to bloom; our gorgeous and unique dish gardens will be making an appearance at the Cairo-Durham high school in support of the junior class fundraiser; our handcrafted faerie habitats have excited national interest; and, most exciting of all, greenhouse #3 will be arriving today to accomodate our stepped-up production in response to our acceptance into the Kingston Farmer's Market!

For the time being, greenhouse #3 will serve as a cold frame to house younger perennials and half-hardy annuals. In the future, it will also function as an unheated germination chamber. Seed flats will be warmed from below by heat mats and protected from cool nighttime temperatures by globed covers. To preserve the natural aesthetics of our location, this greenhouse will be placed to the left of our other two greenhouses, leaving the graded area to the right available for our impressive display of annuals from the spring through the fall, surrounded as it is with trees and the trill of birds.

Curious? Stop by on April 4-6 or April 11-13 for a look, and save 15% on everything in our gift shop in our two-weekend-only spring sale!

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