Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mosswood Gardens celebrates Earth Day by helping Cub Scouts earn merit badge

Mosswood Gardens takes great pride in supporting environmental awareness and ecologically sound growing practices year-round. Thus, when local Cub Scout leaders asked us to work with their scouts on Earth Day, we were more than happy to help.

After discussing the variety of ways in which plants can be propagated, learning the difference between annuals and perennials, and reviewing the various purposes for which plants are grown, the two groups of mostly boys were shown the steps and tools used by commercial growers to bring their plants from seed to sale. By the end of the visit, each scout had successfully transplanted annual plugs to their retail-ready packs. In honor of Earth Day, each child received a potted specialty annual with detailed care instructions.

April's unsually warm weather not only allowed our young visitors to work outside, but has also caused many perennials to break bud early. For eager gardeners, this is great news, as they get a jumpstart on the growing season. With moderate night time temperatures, even most annuals can be safely planted weeks earlier than usual. Nevertheless, between now and Memorial Day, keep a close eye on the weather, and protect tender plants by covering them or bringing them inside when frost is in the forecast. Additionally, while the sunny forecast is a welcome relief after a long winter, the lack of rain means that gardeners must keep a watchful eye on new plantings, checking them often for dryness and hand-watering as needed.

* * * Due to the current dry weather conditions, please refrain from starting any controlled or outdoor fires at this time * * *

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