Friday, February 8, 2008

Beating the winter blues.

Here at Mosswood Gardens, we understand the cabin fever that sets in about this time of year. While temperatures outside will remain cold for months, spring will be arriving in our greenhouses next week, when we begin to plant the first seeds of the season. Although you may not have a home greenhouse, you, too, can look towards the warmer months by planting some seeds of your own.

When planting seeds, be sure to read the package instructions carefully. Many seeds must be pre-treated before they are ready to be planted. Some require refrigeration or freezing for a period of time before they will break dormancy. Others require that the seed itself is "scarred" to penetrate the hard outer shell.

In the northeast, where we are located, now would be a great time to plant pansy seeds or to start many perennials, which can tolerate cool weather. For most other seeds, you may have to wait a bit, depending on how many weeks before the last frost date the package instructions advise. In our area, which is zone 4-5, Memorial Day is usually the day that is picked, although there is rarely frost after May 15th. If you get a late start on planting, you can speed up germination for many varieties by creating a mini-green house, which can be accomplished by creating a tent out of dowels and clear plastic over your planting (provided you have not selected seeds that need cool temperatures to germinate). Once your seedlings have emerged, the tent can be removed to allow them room to grow and adequate air circulation.

Happy planting, and don't forget to look for updates to our photo gallery at: , our catalog at , and our website at throughout the growing season!

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