Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February Chills and Thoughts of the Future

While it's still extremely cold outside and the warm months are still a distant dream, here at Mosswood Gardens we are already anticipating the after-season, selecting the finest of brightly-colored chrysanthemums for our fall displays.

Last season, reds were the most popular, particularly the daisy varieties. While the pom-pom and button types are more traditional, the past few years have seen a surge of experimentation, as gardeners test the limits of hardiness and seek drama. Luckily for them, mum breeders have kept pace with disease and pest-resistant varieties that feature show-stopping colors and flower habits. Of course, in addition to reds, we also offer orange, bronze, lemon, yellow, gold, burgundy, purple, lavender, pink, white, and bi-color varieties that span the season from early to late and flower in forms ranging from button and pom-pom to daisy and spoon.

Although spring has not yet arrived, we are excitedly planning for the entire 2008 growing season. With expanded visibility in a large number of local and regional farm markets, we recommend that our large and loyal local customer base visit us early for the best selection. Visit often for weekly promotions and to secure your favorite items, as we anticipate selling out of many of our finest offerings early in the season. It's not surprising, considering that we offer the healthiest and most mature perennial plant stock in the area, as well as the most dramatic and unusual annual combinations!

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