Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Birthday

Today is my (Heidi Stroh of Mosswood Gardens) birthday, and my Valentine's Day flowers are open and even more stunning!

Temperatures are still extremely cold, but it is sunny and bright, and the sky is a lovely, clear blue--exactly the shade you will see above the clouds when you are embarking on a much-needed aerial journey to the tropics at this time of year! My mother always insisted that my birthday marks the coming of spring, but here at Mosswood Gardens we celebrate spring in early April with a luscious rainbow of pansies and violas.
For now, given the cold we are still experiencing, I think Hermes the Mosswood cat had the right idea for most of the day yesterday!

Although winter is still far from over, the days are definitely getting longer and it is just about time for our seeding to get under way in full force. Transplanting will follow shortly after, and our busiest season will be upon us in no time.
In the meantime, unlike most other businesses in our area, which close for the winter, our gift shop is open on the weekends through April, when we will again maintain regular weekday hours. Even so, although we are a bit off the beaten path and this is a relatively quiet time of year, we are still constantly seeing new faces. Almost invariably (and today was no exception) newcomers are delighted by what they find. The most frequent comments when looking about are, "that's different!" and "how unusual!" as they discover the uniqueness that characterizes our gifts, jewelry, and decor. Upon realizing that we are also a full-scale nursery, their excitement for spring is overwhelming, and we look forward to the day they return to see Mosswood Gardens in full bloom.

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